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7/21/17 Hello simmers,

Whoot! I finally finished the Horse Property for the Sims 3! You can find this huge, animal-friendly estate and another new country style home for the Sims 3 here: Sims 3 Houses. Also, I can't stop making floors for sims 4! I have 5 new carpets each with 6-12 color variations for you today. Sims 4 floors.

Late July News:
Gee, no sales that I know of. I did pick up a couple of the stuff packs in the last EA sale. Looking over the sale really made me aware of just how much content I was missing! :D

Up Next:
Er well, I'm sort of obsessed with making floors and walls for sims 4. I actually have a couple tile floors and a stucco wall that is pretty much complete, but needs color variations. So there will most likely be more sims 4 "flats" in the immediate future. Long term, I'm thinking about trying my hand at object creation because I'd really like to make build "themes" again. I'd love to have more Rustic Cabin and Arts & Crafts or Mission style items to build with.
Happy Summer Simming,

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