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10 Hidden Object Games That Are Not Creepy

You are investigating the disappearance of your (best friend/fiance/sister/father/child) who was last seen in the vicinity of the (Old Manor/Creepy Small Town with Something to Hide/Asyllum/Mad Man's Estate/Abandoned Hospital). On the way, a freak storm causes you to lose control of your vehicle which crashes into the fence. Just before you black out, you see a (ominous dark shadow/monster/ghostly image). Awakening in your wrecked car starts your adventure into the most recent IHOG. There are exceptions of course, but an amazing number of plot lines fit this scene. Some do this plot very well, but every once in a while, you want something different, something light and something where you do not have to fix a rusty generator in a dark basement.

The Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger series (there are currently 6 of them) and the Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director series are light, fun and nothing but HOS after HOS. Very relaxing and the only wild things are the bears and squirrels.

The concept behind the Big City Adventures games is that while you are visiting an historic city and learning about its landmarks, you get to find objects and play mini games. No jump scares here.

The Clutter series is one of my favorite for pure puzzle games. It's slightly different then typical HOGs, taking the junkpile idea to a whole new level.

Fishdom H2O: If you like the Match 3 Fishdom series and HOGS, this will really make you happy. Build an aquarium earning coins by solving HOS.

The Dream Day series is all about romance The games focus on things like wedding planning and decorating your first house. I've linked Dream Day Wedding which is the first, but there are many more sequels.

Dream Inn: Driftwood is truely the only HOG I've considered restarted as soon as the game finished.

Manor Memoirs is one of the series of games focused on fixing up an area of an estate. If you like this one, try out Gardenscapes as well.

Awakening has a sort of fairie tale atmosphere, but it's not creepy.

Antique Road Trip:USA has a similar feel to the TV show; buy and sell antiques. So far, none of the items have been haunted.

Christmas Wonderland is a Christmas Tradition. I started playing it with my daughter when she was young and even though she's outgrown it, I haven't. I still buy play the new edition every December.

Bonus 1:

(2 Games I haven't played, but look good.)

Love Story: Letters from the Past. Although I haven't played it yet because I didn't want to play a sad game, reassurances from the community have led me to purchase this one. It has very good reviews.

Enlightenus. Again, I have not yet delved very far into this game, but the plot line seems to involve collecting manuscripts rather than solving a murder or dealing with ghosts. An interesting twist on the typical hidden object game in that the objective is to figure out where to place a list of objects logically within the picture.

Bonus 2:

Hybrids: Games that combine hidden objects with time management.

Gourmania - Find objects in the kitchen, combine them to cook and deliver meals.

2 Tasty has a cute storyline and is restaurant based again.

Farmington Tales: Part farm, part hidden object game.

Find things to sell in your attic then hold yard sales to earn money to fix up your house.