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Minecraft: Seeds

Here's a few of the seeds I've found while looking for interesting worlds with good start conditions. Spawns are sometimes approximate (based on the start chest). All coordinates are in X and Z only.

Minecraft Town

Seed: Mom

When my daughter first shared Minecraft with me, we randomly typed "Mom" as our seed.
The result was bryce-lkike mesa biome with a couple towns not too far away.
Spawn: 3.5, 7.5
Villages: (100, -220) and (-160, -219)

Minecraft Temple

Seed: Daddy

Unlike Mom, the seed Daddy turned out to be a really hard world.
"Daddy" is an amazon-like jungle that stretches on and on. If you feel like getting in touch with your inner Tarzan, this is the world for you. There were several nice Jungle Temples though that made this world actually possible.
Spawn: 221, 293.5
Villages: Unknown
Temples: (-170, 205), (132,10) and (551, 724 - also a break in the jungle biome)

Minecraft Sunset

Seed: Amazon

So the "Amazon" seed is not a jungle river, it's Tiaga with nice mossy stone near Extreme Hills and Plains. There are a couple convenient villages.
Spawn: 75, 244.5
Villages: (-235, 179) and (-157, 708)

Minecraft Forest

Seed: wonderland

This seed was too ironic to pass up sharing; "wonderland" (not capitalized) has a very deep chasm right at the edge of a Roofed Forest biome. The "rabbit hole" actually goes to Level Y10 and is just to the south of the spawn point(right accross the small river).
Spawn: 141.5, 300.5
Villages: unknown

Minecraft Town

Seed: Wanderland

Wanderland has a very nice combination of biomes with lots of horses near the spawn point and a village just a short way away to the west. There's also a second village a little farther away.
Spawn: approximate: 228, 258
Villages: (130, 264) and (320, 840)

Minecraft Desert

Seed: Badlands

Uncannily accurate at the spawn, but there are a few points of interest that make this scrub inhabitable; a village and a desert temple are within a reasonable distance.
Spawn: -260, 215
Village: (-157, -222)
Temple: (-429, 579)

Minecraft Forest

Seed: Wild

The "Wild" seed is remarkable for the number of different biomes within a very small area. As you can see from the picture, plains, birch forest, desert, swamp, roofed forest and extreme hills are all spitting distance. It is mostly wild though - I only found one village.
Spawn: -256, 253
Village: (96, 765)

Minecraft Town

Seed: Arizona

Three villages, two of which lay very close to the spawn point, make this picturesque world very playable. No shortage of wood or llamas.
Spawn: 87.5, 222.5
Villages: (-15, 201), (-80, -219) and (513, 349)

Minecraft Town

Seed: candy

There is a lot going on in this world, with three villages, a temple and lots of stepped and open crevasses.
Spawn: 56.5, 246
Villages: (95, 260), (116, 710) and (-167, --156)
Temple: (155, -290)
Crevasse area: ~ (227, 787)

Minecraft Town

Seed: Texas

Just a gorgeous world filled with rollng sunflower plains next to flower forests and extreme hills. I found two villages, one very near the spawn.
Spawn: 245.5, 252
Villages: (219, 383) and (585, -167)