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Prison Architect Prisons


Head Start

This prison has all the beginning basics done, plus spaces for a couple more offices. Build onto as you like or use the included planning. The saved game picks up two hours before the first prisoners arrive, so be sure to hire a couple guards (also completes one of the initial grants). Since it's impossible to make notes on the map in game, I made a more detailed map in Photshop (click on the pic to see it full size). Enjoy.

Download the Head Start Prison (3328 KB)

Starting Prisons with Higher Funds

If I was better at this game, I might be able to give you a lot more money. However, either of these two prisons should still give you a leg up when building the prison of your dreams. Both of these prisons are a blank slate, day 1.

Basic Start with Extra Funds ~$260K (3598 KB))
Small Map with Higher Funds ~$390K (3510 KB)